Soggy Doggy Extra Large Absorbent Doormat

Product Description

This doormat is a dog owner's best friend. It's made from super-absorbent  microfiber chenille and holds 7x its weight in water, soaking up water and mud like a sponge! Your messy pup will no longer track excess water or dirt into your home.  Keeping your home clean as a dog owner has never been easier! This doormat from Soggy Doggy can help by keeping your floors dry and free of muddy paw prints.


  • This doormat is made with microfiber chenille, a super absorbent and dirt trapping material.
  • The doormat is machine washable and dryer safe for an easier clean.
  • To help keep the doormat in place, it is made with a non-slip backing.

Keeping your home clean with a dog can be a challenge, especially when it rains and snows. Muddy paw prints don’t belong in your home. Soggy Doggy helps keep your home clean with this super absorbent doormat. The grey bone doormat is made with microfiber chenille, which allows it to absorb water and trap dirt that your pup brings in from outside.